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Adding lines and columns

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Jah-lahfui on 7 Jan 2015
Commented: Jah-lahfui on 7 Jan 2015
Hello, i have a matrix W (418*413) in the borders i have zeros, i mean in (1,:), (:,1),(:,413),(418,:) they are equal to zero and on the inside off the matrix i have values. What i need to do is, copy all the valeus from line 2 till line 417 from colummn 3 and put it on colummn 1 in the matrix W.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Amit on 7 Jan 2015
W(2:417,1) = W(2:417,3);
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Jah-lahfui on 7 Jan 2015
Thanks a lot i wasn't seeing the answer and it so damn easy

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