Command Window not registering keyboard input after input command

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When I run an input command, the cursor shifts to the command window waiting for an input, but when I start typing nothing happens. If I then click on the command window and begin typing, it works as normal.
Also when the command window is undocked, it works fine. It is only when I dock the command window that it is not registering text.
For example if I run:
clear; clc;
number = input('Enter a Number: ');
Then the focus shifts to the command window and it prints "Enter a Number: " but I cannot type anything until I click on the command window.
Never had this problem on the old versions of MATLAB, I am running 2022a.

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Answers (1)

Olaf Constantin Schmidtmann
Same issue on macOS Big Sur 11.6.8 running R2022a Update 4: the command window seems to get the focus (visually in the GUI + the arrow keys stay responsive), but it does not react to character inputs or the enter key. Very annoying. Please fix this.
A workaround for me is to undock the command window.


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