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Matlab online error - does not start on different browsers

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Hello -
I tried to use matlab online for the first time today. After my students used it successfully.
However, no matter which browser, and which of the 2 licences I have access to (campuswide license), and also no matter whether I use VPN or not I get the same error (sorry, translation from German):
"The matlab session you want to connect to does not react. The requested service could not be found."
Could anybody please help to solve this technical problem?

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta on 28 Apr 2022
I understand that you are facing issues with using MATLAB Online on different browsers.
Below are a few basic troubleshooting steps that you can try:
1. Please ensure that you are using a supported browser. To see the list of supported browsers, please refer to
2. Clear the browser cache and reload/refresh MATLAB Online. Following are the steps to clear the cache in different browsers:
If you have tried the above steps and the issue persists, it is likely that your MATLAB Online session data has been corrupted. To resolve the issue, try the following steps:
  1. Log in to the following link: with your MathWorks Account credentials
  2. In the upper right, click on your name and select “Show Hidden Files”
  3. Delete the ‘.session’ folder
  4. Go to and try re-using MATLAB Online
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Atharva on 6 Nov 2023
Moved: Dyuman Joshi on 6 Nov 2023
Done with that too!
But, it say you have an ongoing session and when i open a new, after entering the code it doesn't run..

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