Automaticly change of actuation of joints in Simscape multibody.

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Hello everybody,
I have exported a CAD model with several joints I'd like to actuate. Since there are a lot of, I'm searching for a way to to this automaticly/scriptbased. Simply I just don't want to change the actuation by click but by code.

Accepted Answer

J Chen
J Chen on 3 May 2022
Edited: J Chen on 3 May 2022
  1. Use name = gcb to get block names (select a block first)
  2. Use get_param(name,'DialogParameters') to get parameter names. The parameter names you're looking for should contain TorqueActuationMode and MotionActuationMode as part of the names (e.g., RzTorqueActuationMode)
  3. Use set_param(name,'RzTorqueActuationMode','ComputedTorque') or set_param(name,'RzTorqueActuationMode','InputTorque') to specify the torque mode.
  4. Use a similar command to specify the RzMotionActuationMode as ComputedMotion or InputMotion

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