Cannot find the object of 'ONNXParameters' Class after using "Application Compiler".

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Dear MATLAB team,
My compiled application cannot work well. The console gives me a message that shows
1. I chose the supported package "Deploy Imported Models for ONNX Model Formate....".
2. I added all files of the folder "+model" (created by using API "importONNXNetwork") when compile the app.
3. The imported network works well in Matlab environment.
Is it a Bug? Or I make some mistakes? What should I do next?

Accepted Answer

David Willingham
David Willingham on 27 Apr 2022
When using the compiler, sometimes the dependency checker can't find all the object classes.
Try addind the function pragma to your code so the dependency checker is knows which object classes to include. See this doc page:
Try placing this comment in one of your m-files you're compiling:
%#function ONNXParameters

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