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Pure Pursuit (simulink) error :' Expected waypoints to be an array with number of columns equal to 2. '

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Good morning,
I'm trying to give to the PurePursuit simulink block a matrix n-by-2 in which the two columns are vectors x and y, the waypoints of a trajectory, but it continues to give me this error.
Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?
Thanks in advance.
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Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 22 Nov 2022
Could you confirm whether the waypoints are nx2 by verifying
width(waypoints) == 2
If it is true, please share a minimal working simulink example to inspect.

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Answers (2)

Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 27 Jan 2023
This example demonstrates how to execute an obstacle-free path between two locations on a given map in Simulink. The example provide waypoints as an nx2 matrix.
Let us know if the issue still exist. If it exists share the actual error message and preferably a minimal simulink example to inspect.

Joshua Tashbar
Joshua Tashbar on 8 Oct 2023
I am having this same problem with the PurePursuit simulink block.
The error is below
I also attached a minimally working Simulink file (Version:R2023a).
Thank you


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