Only one channel from two-channel Behringer UCA202

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I have been trying to get both audio channels to come from my Behringer UCA202. What I get is the same channel duplicated in two columns the received vector.
I am running R2022a in Win7 and Win10.
I am running the quick example "AudioStreamFromDeviceToDeviceExample.mlx" from the audio toolbox.
I have tried to set up the UCA202 device with these various commands, but none gave a distinct pair of channels. In the case of ASIO, I have also used asiosettings.
% deviceReader = audioDeviceReader; % this gives a single vector output
deviceReader = audioDeviceReader('NumChannels',2);
% deviceReader = audioDeviceReader('SampleRate',16000,'Driver','ASIO');
% deviceReader = audioDeviceReader('Driver','ASIO','NumChannels',2);
% deviceReader = audioDeviceReader('Driver','ASIO','Device','ASIO4ALL v2','NumChannels',2);
% deviceReader = audioDeviceReader('Driver','WASAPI','NumChannels',2);
Elsewhere in this forum, someone has used the UCA202.

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Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 3 May 2022
Edited: Jimmy Lapierre on 3 May 2022
1. Try specifying the name of the device as well, in case you are picking up another (mono) device instead of you UCA202.
>> audioDeviceReader('Device','Name of my device')
2. Make sure there are no "mono" switches on the device or in asiosettings.
3. Also try an alternate method, using channel mapping:
>> audioDeviceReader('ChannelMappingSource','Property','ChannelMapping',1:2)
Joseph Sousa
Joseph Sousa on 10 May 2022
The same issue comes up with audiorecorder in Win7 (lenovo x1) and Win10 (surface go). The windows settings always for the input audio channel count prevail.
I used this script:
Fs = 44100 ;
nBits = 16 ;
nChannels = 2 ;
ID = -1; % default audio input device
recObj = audiorecorder(Fs,nBits,nChannels,ID);
disp('Start speaking.')
disp('End of Recording.');

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