having trouble to insert text in GUI table

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I want to make a table, 'uitable', with 4 collumns and a variable number of rows. The number of rows is determined by an edit text box, 'edit1'. The problem is that I want to insert text in the first collumn, but as soon as i insert any caracter that is not a number, the cell automatically goes to NaN. Can you help me?
edit1 = str2num(char(get(hObject,'String')));
if ~isempty(edit1) && edit1>0
edit1 = ceil(edit1);
data = cell(edit1,4);
% convert the values matrix to a cell array
valuesAsCell = mat2cell(data);
% update the table

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 24 Jan 2015
Diogo - this may be a problem that is similar to http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/169197-nan-elements-during-table-data-input-matlab-gui. Your line of code
data = cell(edit1,4);
creates the cell array where each element is the empty array, []. If you try to populate any of these elements with strings, then you see NaN. Try instead to initialize this array to one of empty strings and reduce your code to simply
data = cell(edit1,4);
data(:) = {''};
% update the table
I used the above code in a simple GUI, and was able to enter non-numeric data in any column (as well as numeric data which will still be considered as a string). Note that I removed the code to convert the array to a cell array (the call to mat2cell) since data is already a cell array.

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Zoltán Csáti
Zoltán Csáti on 23 Jan 2015
It is because you supplied a string. Convert it to number.
edit1 = str2num(edit1);
edit1 = ceil(edit1);
Diogo Queirós
Diogo Queirós on 24 Jan 2015
the gui is in portuguese, in case you need to translate. thank you in advance!

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