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Where to find CCCV Battery Charger block in Simulink?

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I am getting result for CCCV battery charger block in Simulink help, that mentions a block that was introduced in 2019. But I could not find this block in Simulink Library. Links is below:
Could you please suggest where can I find this or is there any specific library that need to be installed?

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Harsha Kalavakolu
Harsha Kalavakolu on 13 May 2022
Edited: Harsha Kalavakolu on 13 May 2022
Hi Haroon
I understand you are searching for CCCV Battery Charger block, if you are using MATLAB version before R2021a you can find the CCCV battery charger block from the Simulink Library Browser in the following location.
>>Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Electric Drives / Extra Sources.
Specialized Power Systems has been restructured in the R2021a release, now the block resides in "electricdrivelib" library. We cannot access this from Simulink Library Browser anymore instead User can open this library by running "electricdrivelib" command at the command prompt and they can find the CCCV Battery Charger block under the "Extra Sources" sub library.
You can find more information about electricdrivelib here:
Hope it helps.

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