Update 2D Look Up table regarding measurement

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Cemil Oezasi
Cemil Oezasi on 10 May 2022
Answered: Sayan on 31 Oct 2023
Hello all,
I would like to develop calibration tool for my task.
1) I have 2D look up table that I have to adjust.
2) My inputs are coming from test bench and my output also coming from test bench
3) As expected there is a difference between ECU out (output from look up table=vq) and test bench results.
4) I would like adjust test bench results to ECU to have low error. ( which means update my existing 2D-look up tabel)
5) Could you please advice me methods to write this tool.. I put picture to describe my Problem..

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Sayan on 31 Oct 2023
Hi Cemil Oezasi,
I understand from your query that you need to design a 2-D look up table for your test measurements with less error.
You can follow the below-mentioned steps to find the same.
  • Use the 2-D Look Table block (available at Simulink / Lookup Tables) to map your result with the two input data.
  • In the "Table data" field, provide the expected result data points in the form of a 2-D matrix and the two inputs in the "Breakpoints 1" and "Breakpoints 2" fields. The accuracy of the result will increase if denser data points are provided in the inputs and output.
  • You can select the "Interpolation method" and the "Extrapolation method" that are best suited to your system for minimal error with the required speed. This can be found in the "Algorithm" tab of the block.
  • In the "Data Types" tab, you set the required data type for your output.
  • For precise intermediate calculations, you can select "Precision" as "Internal rule priority".This will reduce the error in ECU output and test bench results.
You can find more information on the 2-D Lookup Table in the following documentation:
Hope this answers the query.




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