How to measure output torque of a gear in simscape multibody?

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I have a gear train in my simscape multibody model.
One end of my gear train is connected to a wheel which experiences a contact force.
Is there any way to determine the torque generated at the output gear?
I tried sensing from the revolute joint, but the Torque is zero.

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J Chen
J Chen on 3 Jun 2022
Choose the Total Torque in the Composite Force/Torque Sensing tab.
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Ashwin Rao
Ashwin Rao on 8 Jun 2022
I tried sensing this from the revolute joint. It does not work since the Torque does not actually transfer through the joint. It only affects the rigid body connected to the gear.
I ended up using the rotational multibody interface to implement the gear train in simscape instead, where the torque can be sensed easily.

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