Multiple bar plot of different datasets in the same figure

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Emerson  Lyra
Emerson Lyra on 17 May 2022
Commented: Emerson Lyra on 18 May 2022
Hi folks!
I would like to create a bar plot similar to the attached figure.
The reference reports how to plot datasets like the green and blue bars. Ok.
In the same figure, is it possible to insert two additional single bars like the yellow and red in the image?
If possible, could someone more experienced suggest a way to do this by code? How could I put the x-axis tick labels in this case?
Ps: I'm using Matlab R2018a

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 18 May 2022
x = rand(6,2);
b = bar(x);
% control the color of individual bar
% 1st group first bar
b(1).FaceColor = 'flat';
b(1).CData(1,:) = [.8 0 .8];
% 2nd group first bar
b(2).FaceColor = 'flat';
b(2).CData(1,:) = [.2 .8 0];
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Emerson  Lyra
Emerson Lyra on 18 May 2022
@Chunru It wasn't quite what I was looking for but it's a solution that works! It's just better if I plot all the single bars and color them according to grouping. Thanks! best!

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