magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging

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how to improve the quality of magnetic resonance spectroscopy ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 May 2022
  • use a higher quality device with a stronger magnetic field
  • have the device calibrated by experts
  • make sure that the room with the device is well shielded magnetically and from vibration
  • if you are not using a system that is evolving quickly, scan multiple times in order to reduce noise
The only one of those which can involve MATLAB is the last one, taking multiple scans and averaging them to reduce noise. Other than that, you cannot use MATLAB to improve the quality of MRS.
Source: I used to write software to analyze MRS, for a research institution. Some of my co-workers were considered world leaders in designing new MRI and MRS. There were some very interesting things that could be done at the hardware level, and in control of the devices... but once we had the DICOM files, there was no way to improve the quality of the MRS.
The limit of what could be done in MATLAB was to improve the quality of interpretation of the MRS.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 May 2022
The issues are the same as always: given masses of data, how do you make sense of it?
For example if you were given a grid of MRS readings, and a label image indicating class of the voxel, then is it effective to use Deep Learning to classify voxels? If it is, then can you trace back to find a minimal representation? As the spectra are related to chemical species, can you interpret the minimal representation in terms of chemical species and concentrations, and if so then does it make sense biologically? Could you reasonably translate that intop a microassey to detect the condition, since microassey are less expensive than MRS scans?

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