I want to design a divider using cordic function, for high number / low number (30/2) can anyone help me.?

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I have already design the divider using cordic, but this is working only for when numerator is low and denomerator is high.
for example : x/y , 6/20 = 0.3. but when i give 20/6 it shows output is 1.
x = 6;
y = 20;
z = 0;
format long
k = zeros(20,3);
for i = 1:20
if x > 0
x = x - y*2^(-i);
z = z + 2^(-i);
x = x + y*2^(-i);
z = z - 2^(-i);
k(i,:) = [i 6/20 z];
Can anyone help ,how to design the divider using the cordic for higher number / Lower number (eg : 30/2).

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 May 2022
Do not start with i=1. Start with i being the negative of the number of bits before the decimal place.
I believe that your else is incorrect. I believe you should be working with 2^(-(i-1)) so that you "undo" the previous step

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