Timing Measurement block Simulink question

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Adam Sojka
Adam Sojka on 19 May 2022
Answered: Sayan on 2 Nov 2023
I'm using Timing measurement block to measure period and duty cycle. This one:
What I found, at the beggining of simulaton the output is 0, when I apply signal then it measures correctly, but when i remove signal it showes instead of showing 0 it shows the recent measured value.
This is on purpose or this is an error?

Answers (1)

Sayan on 2 Nov 2023
Hi Adam Sojka,
I understand from your query that the Timing Measurement block (available at Mixed-Signal Blockset / Utilities) is showing the output even when the "reference" is removed.
You can look inside the block to find the possible reasons for the same:
  • The segment of the block calculating "Period" is using a "Triggered Subsystem". Due to this, when no trigger signal is found, the block output is the previously calculated result at the previous trigger.
  • The segment of the block calculating "Duty Cycle" uses an "Enabled Subsystem" in which the Outport value is set to be "held" in "Output when disabled" field, which results in holding the output value.
You can follow these documentations to learn more about "Triggered Subsystem" and "Enabled Subsystem"
Hope this helps in answering the query.




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