there is a session run on your machine

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when i am tring to install new tool, it always show there is a session run on your machine. Even i restart everything, it still do not work
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Jiazhen Huang
Jiazhen Huang on 21 May 2022
i already force uninstalled matlab, but when i tring to install the new one. Installer still report this error message

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Bala Tripura Bodapati
Bala Tripura Bodapati on 26 May 2022
Hi Jiazhen,
It is my understanding that an error is encountered indicating that there is a MATLAB session running when trying to install a new toolbox.
This error typically occurs when installing or updating MATLAB or other MathWorks products because there is a matlab.exe process running somewhere on the machine.
To resolve this issue, check all processes (from all users) to see if there is a matlab.exe running in the background before continuing.
If you cannot find any matlab.exe running and you receive this message, try restarting the computer before attempting the installation again.


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