In the follow screenshot why do we use this filter to our signal I ?

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Giorgos Kartsonakis
Giorgos Kartsonakis on 25 May 2022
Answered: Chunru on 26 May 2022
I saw this filter shown in the screenshot in SIMULINK but i can't understand the meaning of this filter. The Ts is the sample time. What changes it will cause in signal I ?
Giorgos Kartsonakis
Giorgos Kartsonakis on 26 May 2022
Thank you for your answer Benjamin.
In the screenshot i attached, the yellow signal is before the effect of filter and the blue signal after the effect of filter. I observe that the signal after the effect of filter is smoothed. But i can't understand what type of filter is and which method is used and general the purpose of this filter?.
Thank you !!!

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Answers (1)

Chunru on 26 May 2022
You have a discrete linear system. You could find the system transfer function by analysing the system. It turns out to be a first order IIR filter with one pole . With appropriate parameter Ts ( is a function of Ts), it can be a low pass IIR filter. This explain why your output is a smoothed out version of input.



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