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Cannot find "body" block on Simscape

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I am using the R2022a version of MATLAB&Simulink and I can't find the "Body" block like in the older versions of Simulink (for example in the R2017b).
Where should I look for it? Or is there an equivalent block in the R2022a version?
I would be glad if somebody could help me. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

J Chen
J Chen on 3 Jun 2022
No sure what is the Body block in R2017. You can find Mass and Inertia blocks in the Simscape Foundation Library - Mechanical - Translational Elements or - Rotational Elements. Similar blocks can be found in Multibody - Body Elements.

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Klaudio Myrtaj
Klaudio Myrtaj on 3 Jun 2022
Thank you for the answer Mr.Chen.
This is how tho body block looks like in R2017


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