python environment mysteriously loads by itself?

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dleal on 3 Jun 2022
Commented: dleal on 4 Jun 2022
The title of this post summarizes the issue. I am slighty confused why Python loads without my explicit permission.
I am working on a MATLAB project where startup file contains a line that loads Python using pyenv.
If I wait a few minutes between opening MATLAB and starting the project, I get the "Python is loaded" error message, even though I haven't yet loaded it:
Warning: Error using pyenv
Python is loaded. The environment cannot be changed in this MATLAB session. To change the environment, restart MATLAB, and then call 'pyenv'.
I understand my question might be a bit vague and I would be glad to provide more details as needed... I'm not quite sure where to go from here
dleal on 4 Jun 2022
I attached a sample file, it wont run, but at least you can see how I am invoking Python... the only thing I can think might cause an issue is that I am loading an Anaconda environment and maybe MATLAB loads it by itself

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