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Optimizer used in Phased Array System Toolbox for Steering Vector Synthesis

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The Phased Array System Toolbox provided by MATLAB allows us to synthesize steering vector coefficients based on different antenna element radition pattern and different antenna subarray designs. My query is, what optimizer is used inside the toolbox to optimize the coefficient to ensure maximum directivity and accuracy of direction towards the desired steering angle?

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Anshuman on 9 Feb 2024
Hi Arish,
The toolbox typically does not use a specific "optimizer" in the conventional sense, like those used in mathematical optimization problems, instead it uses beamforming algorithms to calculate the steering vector coefficients. Beamforming algorithms are based on signal processing techniques that take into account the desired steering angle, the array geometry, and the element radiation patterns to constructively interfere the signals at the desired angle while suppressing signals from other directions. The steering vector is calculated to steer the beam in the desired direction, and this process inherently aims to maximize directivity towards that direction.

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