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How can the QSS toolbox simulation run for whole cycle time?

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I am trying to simulate an electric truck behaviour in Simulink with the help of QSS toolbox. I am running the simulation with pre loaded WLTP velocity profile inspite of running the simulation for 1800 seconds, the results are getting captured for only 13 points or the frist 13 seconds i guess. All my input parameters are close to the original parameters of an electric truck even then the simulation stops after 13 seconds and mentions 'Simulation stopped due to motor overload'.
It would be greatful if anyone helps me out so that the simulation can run for full time i.e 1800 seconds.
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Answers (1)

Anshuman on 24 Jan 2024
This could be due to excessive torque demand, current draw, or another parameter exceeding its threshold. To resolve this issue and allow the simulation to run for the full 1800 seconds, you can try out a couple of things:
  • Double-check all the input parameters for the electric motor and ensure they accurately reflect the motor's capabilities. Parameters such as maximum torque, maximum current, and thermal limits should be set according to the motor's datasheet.
  • Check the torque demand on the motor throughout the simulation. If the demand exceeds the motor's maximum torque, the model will stop the simulation.
  • If the solver is too aggressive, it may not handle rapid changes in state well, leading to an overload condition. Try adjusting the Quantized State System (QSS) solver's tolerance and maximum step size.
If the simulation still stops prematurely, consider adding breakpoints or logging to capture more detailed information about the state of the system at the point of failure.


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