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About listbox item selection: If i have two boxes how can i know from which one the cursor has selected?

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I have two listboxes : listbox1 containing lines,and listbox2 containing cercles. And i have a button "Set" (as described in the image) to set the thikness of the selected item(line or circle). So, in the function "Set" it's written this : num =handles.selected % the value selected by the cursor is called num. e(num)=thiknss % Then we give this value a thikness. Now my problem is that i want to know from which box the "num" is selected.I need to know if it's from the box 1 ( a line) or the box2 (a circle). How can i do that?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Feb 2015
That is not a good situation to use listboxes in. You are expecting to take some action based on a single selection, however you will always have two selections because you have two listboxes. You should use either radio buttons, or a popup (drop down list).
bh dhouha
bh dhouha on 1 Feb 2015
This is the result below, it is approximitely the same with the previous code.It the returns an "L" which is the first letter of the selected item "line2" which i selected. So i need to return a [1,5] array to have all the word "line2" returned. I searched about this but i didn't find how to return the first 5 letters of the word.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Feb 2015
Final try. Try this:
selectedItemName = strcat(cell2mat(allItemNames(selectedItem)));
If that doesn't work, upload your fig file and m-file.

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