Extract values at a particular time of a simulation to use in the same simulation

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Im trying to create a block diagram that estimates de inductance of a RL branch. For that I inyect a step signal (a voltage) and by observing at what instance the current arrives at the 63% of the final current we can determine the indutance . So basically I need to find a mechanism that allows me to find the value of from the simulation.
Any idea on how to do that?

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Jon on 22 Jun 2022
You can use the "Stop Simulation" block for this purpose. This block stops the simulation when its input becomes true (non-zer0)
Assuming you know in advance the final current value, you can use a relational operator (>=) block to test if the signal is greater than 0.63*finalCurrent and feed this to the stop block
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Jon on 22 Jun 2022
For example, you could do something like this, where the Vin is a unit step (1 volt) and the values for L and R are assigned in the base workspace (assign them in a script or on the command line before running)

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