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Create a time vector

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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 30 Jun 2022
Hey guys, thanks in advance
I have a program that reads samples from hardware, and counts the time it takes to read that samples, so I have two variables of time in val2( the first time is the time it starts receiving, and the final time in val2 is the time it stops receiving).
I want to creat a time array in format :
Format = 'hh:mm:ss.SSS';
fs=10e6; % Frequency sampling of receiving the samples
And I want that this array is: first time: 1/fs : end time, basiccaly the values between the vector, should have the time dependent on the frequency sampling.

Answers (1)

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 30 Jun 2022
My answer to your previous question is the answer. Just change seconds(1) to seconds(1/fs)
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 1 Jul 2022
You don't need to use datenum here. Note that the last line of code in the answer I posted in the thread linked above returns the number of seconds between the two times as a double array. If you want the number of minutes, hours, or days just replace seconds in that code with the appropriate one of those functions.
Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 2 Jul 2022
I have this vector in appendix, that starts with the first time: 1/fs: last time. But htis vector is in datetime and I needed it in number, but with this format ('HH-mm-ss_SSS'),
Can I do this, thanks

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