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Loading multiple datafiles into MATLAB and plotting a colourmap

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I have x data and y data for each value of z data. That is for each z-value I create a xy plot. I want to import all the xy plots for each z value to the matlab, remove the outliers in the xy plot for each z-value, and plot a colourmap with x-axis being the x-values and y-axis being the z-values and y being the colour intensity.
Can someone please help me in this ?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
In Matlab, the command "colormap" corresponds to the color/colours that are assigned to the intensity of a figure. You display 2D data with intensity values coded as colour with "imagesc" as well as other commands, for example:
Different to imagesc and colours you can also display meshes, surfaces or many other options, and still can use colours:
mesh(x);colormap jet
Hope this helps you solve your problem

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