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¿How i can display this data in matlab mobile? (georeferences)

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I am trying to display Latitude, longitude, elevation, accuracy and ubications name with some fuctions but so far I have not succeeded, I just want that data to be displayed on the console, as matlab normally does, they require gps and I suppose also the position sensors of matlab mobile. I just want to know how to display that data, I will use them to add them to the photos of a camera that I am programming, I will not attach the code for that because there is nothing that refers to what I need.
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Brayann Alexander Perez Guizar
It is not necessary for you to tell me how to do all that, just what you know, the information about one or more of those data that I need.

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Brayann Alexander Perez Guizar
Edited: Brayann Alexander Perez Guizar on 4 Jul 2022
I used the poslog function, example:
[lat, lon, t, speed, course, alt, horizacc]=poslog(m)

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