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Problem saving plot as jpg or pdf

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My matlab code is saving the plot of 6 subplots. But, when I open the saved version, the legend is blocking the plots. I am also using the 'best' for location of legend. Is there any way to correct it so that plots occupy full space and legend don't block the plots?
Harjas on 5 Jul 2022
Edited: Harjas on 5 Jul 2022
Below is saving code used:
saveas(gcf,['Monthly plot from ' ,datestr(Yr_Avg.dd(j)),'to',datestr(Yr_Avg.dd(j+2)),'.pdf']);
MATLAB: R2018a
dpb on 5 Jul 2022
I don't have much direct experience w/ trying to export MATLAB graphics -- it's certainly been an arena of much discussion over the years...
With that many lines and subplots, the legend will have to be tiny to not occlude the data -- also with releases prior to R2020a which introduced exportgraphics, the only way to have any additional control over sizes, etc., is to use print instead of saveas -- it has no additional control available, "what you get is what you get".

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Accepted Answer

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
You could try to add the legend outside the actual axes, e.g. 'eastoutside', have a look here:

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