Why cant I do the simulink fundimentals course on desktop

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I am currently working on improving my simulink skills and was going to take the simulink fundemetnals class with my desktop installation but when I try to I see this message:
When I follow the link it takes me to the online course which I can take in my browser but I cannot see how to take the course in the desktop version of matlab. If anyone has any suggestions or knows what I am missing it would be greatly appreciated!
The link suggests that I can access the course if I am using version 2022a or a later distrobution, however I am currently running 2022a and very confused as to what is causing this issue.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 7 Jul 2022
To use a desktop version of the tutorial, your MATLAB/Simulink package has to be R2022a or later. Otherwise, you would need to update your MALAB/Simulink. See this link
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Colt Whitley
Colt Whitley on 7 Jul 2022
I am currently using version R2022a. This is why I am confused as to the inablity to access the course.

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