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Starting current of DC Motor simscape model not matching with datasheet of the motor.

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I have the datasheet of a permanent magnet brushed DC motor and Im trying to model it in matlab using simscape blocks. I entered all the required electrical torque and mechanical parameters in the "DC motor" block but when i run the simulation the peak value of the starting current (inrush current) is not matching with the datasheet. Im unable to figure out the issue in the simulation.
Starting current as per datasheet is 40A but the simulation results shows only 30A.

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Sayan on 21 Sep 2023
I understand from your query that the starting current of the permanent magnet brushed DC motor mentioned in the datasheet is not matching with the output of the Simscape block DC Machine (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Electrical Machines) output.The possible reasons and fixes for the mismatch are mentioned below.
  • There are other physical conditions like temperature, humidity, pressure etc which are considered in the datasheet while filling the data about the motor. But those physical conditions are not taken into consideration in Simscape.
  • The sampling time set for the simulation is not accurate enough to simulate the real system. You can reduce the sample time and check the result.
  • The Simscape model does not consider phenomena like armature reaction which introduce non-linearity in the system.
  • You can try using the DC Motor block (available at Simscape / Electrical / Electromechanical / Brushed Motors) to simulate the system. Here you can use the "Modeling option" as "Show thermal port" to include thermal dependencies. You can select the part and the manufacturer of the motor from the "Selected part" field to simulate the machine of the particular manufacturer according to the datasheet.
Further information on DC Motor can be found in the following documentation:
Hope this helps in resolving the query.


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