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Please help me code this problems

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Brendan Jozwiak
Brendan Jozwiak on 11 Jul 2022
Edited: Torsten on 11 Jul 2022
syms x y z
expr_A = x*exp(-y);
expr_A_y = int(expr_A,y,0,log(x));
expr_A_yx = int(expr_A_y,x,0,2*z);
expr_A_yxz = int(expr_A_yx,z,1,2);
integral_a = vpa(expr_A_yxz);
% display results
disp('"Part A"')
"Part A"
fprintf('The result of integral is: %f\n\n',integral_a);
The result of integral is: 1.666667
expr_B = z/(y+1);
expr_B_x = int(expr_B,x,0,sqrt(1-z^2));
expr_B_xz = int(expr_B_x,z,0,1);
expr_B_xzy = int(expr_B_xz,y,0,1);
integral_b = vpa(expr_B_xzy);
% display results
disp('"Part B"')
"Part B"
fprintf('The result of integral is: %f\n\n',integral_b);
The result of integral is: 0.231049

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Ruchika P Barman
Ruchika P Barman on 11 Jul 2022
It is my understanding that you are trying to write a MATLAB code to solve the problem that you have attached with your question. Please consider going through MATLAB Fundamentals or MATLAB On Ramp course in order to solve this with the help of MATLAB.
You may refer to this documentation on Numerical integration - MATLAB integral - MathWorks India to understand the functions and syntax that you can use.

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