Output of REAL filled circle from figure

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Johannes Korsawe
Johannes Korsawe on 6 Feb 2015
Commented: Trevor Cox on 23 Nov 2015
Dear all,
my question refers to Matlab R2014b.
(1) I want to plot a number of filled circles with varying diameters into a figure. There are several ways to do this approximately, e.g. fill(sin(h),cos(h)) or use rectangle command with Curvature [1,1].
But what IF you want a real circle to be drawn, s.t. no matter how deep you zoom in, there will be no kinks? Any idea how to draw a real (filled) circle?
(2) After the plot of the filled circles to the figure, i want to output that plot to a file in a vector format, e.g. EMF, which would by itself be able to handle real circles.
But i have found no way yet, to print something to an emf-file which is a real circle, s.t. a printer can handle it as a real circle and the output does not depend on the resolution of the circle or the figure.
Would really appreciate any help. (viscircles does not count, as the circles are not filled.)
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Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox on 23 Nov 2015
When I used rectangle and outputted as an .eps, this seemed to be a filled circle even when I zoomed in to high resolution.

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