filling area enclosed by multiple curves

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I want to fill an area enclosed by multiple curves. I'm currently using the fill command to achieve it. Below is the figure I'm getting. Ideally, i should get the filled in color only inside the enclosed space (on the right side). Fill command worked for me in my earlier usage. Not sure what is happening here!
xdata and ydata are attached along with. The code I'm using has bee given below;
fileID = fopen('dataX.txt','r');
formatSpec = '%f';
xd = fscanf(fileID,formatSpec);
fileID = fopen('dataY.txt','r');
formatSpec = '%f';
yd = fscanf(fileID,formatSpec);
fill(xd,yd,'g','facealpha',0.3);axis equal
Any clue to sort this out is appreciated.
dileesh pv
dileesh pv on 12 Jul 2022
@dpb.. Yes I tried them all :).. @John D'Errico's solution worked like charm and I will try @Star Strider's suggestion too..
Thanks a lot for your time!

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 12 Jul 2022
Edited: John D'Errico on 12 Jul 2022
No problem (as long as you use a more capable tool), although it appears you have duplicate points.
X = load('dataX.txt');
Y = load('dataY.txt');
PS = polyshape(X,Y);
Warning: Polyshape has duplicate vertices, intersections, or other inconsistencies that may produce inaccurate or unexpected results. Input data has been modified to create a well-defined polyshape.
axis equal
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dileesh pv
dileesh pv on 12 Jul 2022
Edited: dileesh pv on 12 Jul 2022
Thanks a lot. It worked smooth. I was creating this shape by combining three curves. Therefore, as you rightly suggested, there could be few overlapping points which might be creating duplicates in the corners. Even though I tried by removing those end points, fill/patch were not giving me desired results.
Thanks again for this solution! It worked for all the cases I was looking for!

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