Generic Engine stalling when load applied

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Tom Garwood
Tom Garwood on 18 Jul 2022
Commented: Tom Garwood on 26 Aug 2022
I am trying to model the power demand of a ship using a diesel engine over the course of a journey, using the Ship Propeller Example.
The ship can be considered to be "always on" in that it is constantly idling before the journey start so a constant value is applied to the throttle input, along with a step input to 55% throttle after the simulation start however the engine stalls at second 0 of the simulation.
The power of the engine, the resistance model and the propeller properties are all fixed as they are based on the specifications of the vessel I am attempting to model, so how would I prevent the engine from stalling so I can obtain some data?
The following screenshot shows the power output for the engine:
The model file is attached.

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Answers (1)

J Chen
J Chen on 2 Aug 2022
You need to specify an initial speed for the propeller. It is done in the Variables tab of the Propeller Inertia block.


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