My equation gives only one value for 1x200 vector variables

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%Initial Values and Constants n_i = 1; n_t = 1.33; theta_i = linspace(0,pi/2,200); theta_t = asin(n_i/n_t*sin(theta_i));
%Calculate results R_p = ((n_t*cos(theta_i)-cos(theta_t))/(cos(theta_t)+n_t*cos(theta_i)))^2;
My equation R_p give one single value of 0.0029. I want to plot this function for theta_i, but I can't. What should I do?

Accepted Answer

Erik S.
Erik S. on 8 Feb 2015
You forgot the . symbol when doing elementwise operations. Try this instead:
R_p = ((n_t*cos(theta_i)-cos(theta_t))./(cos(theta_t)+n_t*cos(theta_i))).^2;

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