Error using loadlibraryin mex file

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Zainub on 9 Feb 2015
Commented: Joss Knight on 17 Feb 2015
Hi.... I am working on matlab 2014 and GPU. I want to run cublas functions in mex files but I found following error
Error using loadlibrary (line 422) There was an error loading the library "libcublas" The specified module could not be found. Caused by: Error using loaddefinedlibrary The specified module could not be found.
please help me

Accepted Answer

Erik S.
Erik S. on 9 Feb 2015
Is the lib file "libcublas" in your path? Have you told the complier (mex) where to find the file?
Usually you need to supply mex with something like '-L:C\MyLibs' -llibcublas
Assuming the lib file is in the folder C:\MyLibs
Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 17 Feb 2015
No, you don't do that, you just link libraries to your code using -l parameters to mex. But you shouldn't need to link to cublas, that is linked by default for GPU MEX functions.

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