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RF Blockset / Simulink: Perform a frequency sweep of a mixer model

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Hello Matlab Team,
I am having trouble configuring an RF Blockset Simulink model. I have a system that features a filter and a mixer. I would like to put in a frequency agile signal (chirp) and see the realtime response on the Spectrum Analyzer. I've attached the model an included an image below.
Model Overview
I am sweeping a 100-200MHz@4dBm signal through the model with a Mixer with a 50MHz LO. For simplicity, I am using a unity gain s-parameter file for the 'filter' model and the CPWG is 50Ohms (when using just these two blocks I can observe signal output). When I run my full model, I would expect to to see the modulation products from the mixer and the fundamental tone from the output signal while the simulation is running.
For example, I expect to see 150MHz and 250MHz mixing products when the frequency sweeps to 200MHz. I would also expect to see in my spectrum a 50MHz LO at around -14dBm (10dB LO to IF isolation).
Instead, I see no the output which makes me believe I have a configuration parameter incorrect. I used the model_IQdemod example as a starting point and normally do modelling with the rfckt objects.
Am I misunderstanding the functionality of the RF Blockset Mixers?
Thank you

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