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Simulink Requirement product name change error

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While creating DO178 project from Simulink interface, project startup and shutdown mfiles still check Simulink Requirement product whose name is Requirement Toolbox in new version. Updating the prjSetup.m and prjCleanup.m files looks enough to continue with new projects.
Is it possible to open 2020b project from 2022a product or export from 2022a to 2020b version.
Yesim on 5 Aug 2022
I don't mean example project. Firstly, I tried to open my own D0-178 demo project which was studied in 2020 version from 2022. and it didn't work .Then, I follow the "Simulink>>New>> DO Qualification Kit>> Create Do-178C Project" way (I added the screen shot) to start my new Demo Project in 2022. Also, it gives the error.
I am testing tool, Do178 qualification Kit capabilities by applying my project.
Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 5 Aug 2022
Hi @Yesim,
Thank you for clarifying. I am sorry that you are encountering this issue.
I just contacted the DO Qualification Kit team to ask about a work-around for you.

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Accepted Answer

Bill Potter
Bill Potter on 5 Aug 2022
Edited: Bill Potter on 5 Aug 2022
Here is what you need to do, it should solve your issue.
1) Install and open up the project template in 22a (that is under the Simulink Templates, DO Qualification Kit)
2) Copy the prjSetup.m and prjCleanup.m from the 22a project and overwirte the ones from the older 20b project
That should solve your issue.

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