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Read the text files names are already in the table

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I want to open these text files and their names are tabulated inside a table matrix. They have one column which includes integers. Can I use for loop? because I need to do it for 20 different folders which means 140 different names so I want to read them in matlab without knowing their names.

Accepted Answer

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
If they are inside a folder, you could read the files in the folder and then loop over those files.
If you have the names and the names are a combination of letters and numbers (RSN4455, RSN4456, RSN4457) and you have the numbers you can concatenate in a for loop, e.g.
for k = 4455:4460
filename = strcat('RSN',num2str(k))
% here you load the file name
filename = 'RSN4455'
filename = 'RSN4456'
filename = 'RSN4457'
filename = 'RSN4458'
filename = 'RSN4459'
filename = 'RSN4460'

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