Winopen does not work on executable

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Nikos Gartaganis
Nikos Gartaganis on 8 Aug 2022
Answered: dpb on 8 Aug 2022
Hello everyone, I am trying to make an app and it works fine, but when I compile it to a standalone app winopen() will not work. Any ideas?
I have included the winopen.m during packeging and also used full Path, but still it does not work.
Nikos Gartaganis
Nikos Gartaganis on 8 Aug 2022
I am trying to open an excel.xlsx file and I am using win10.
I have found a workaround by making a function that opens cmd and the open the excel file.
function [] = myOpenFile(filename)
!cmd &
You need also the inputemu.m function. It works fine for me, even when the app is already compiled.

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Answers (1)

dpb on 8 Aug 2022
I've packaged it (winopen) in another app and it works fine. Looking at the above code snippet, I'd hypothesize your problem is that you're not using the fully-qualified filename to open and so it isn't finding the file -- but winopen unfortunately doesn't include any return parameter to report on its success in that regards; you could(*) do an exist on the filename first to ensure it does exist and is found first.
(*) Probably "should" instead of "could" is more appropriate

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