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DO-178 Project Template Derived Folder

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When do-178 project is created,derived folder is added in version 2022. It hasn't explained in the Folder_Contents.docx.
Is it related with the derived low level requirements(LLR).According to the workflow, model elements are defined as LLR. Is there a way to add model elements and link it as derived without writing text based requirements in Requirement Toolbox.
How derived LLR requirements will be managed in Do qualification kits?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Bill Potter
Bill Potter on 25 Aug 2022
The best way to do this is to create a Dervied Requirements anchor using the Requirements Toolbox, then link that single anchor to all derived requirements blocks in a model. Attached is an example.
Then you can link the blocks to that trace anchor and also it is possible to highlight the group of derived requirements blocks using an Area Annotation. That makes it very clear in the model, which blocks are derived requirements. See the second attachment.

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