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RoadRunner Error "Unsupported filetype selected" when exporting CARLA

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When I export CARLA with RoadRunner, I get an error "Unsupported filetype selected. Please save as a supported file type" and cannot export.
What is the cause?

Answers (2)

GandaBerunda on 9 Aug 2022
Edited: GandaBerunda on 9 Aug 2022
Hi Shuto,
Also, please ensure you have the plugin installed. Else, this might help for the plugin part:RoadRunner: Where is Carla plugin located? - (
Hope it helps.

Iñigo Agirre
Iñigo Agirre on 23 Feb 2024
Hi Shuto,
I managed to solve this error by adding the .xodr extension when saving the file, ex: map.xodr
Hope it helps.





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