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burcu bilgic
burcu bilgic on 11 Aug 2022
Commented: burcu bilgic on 14 Aug 2022
I want to combine two images. the firts one is the original image and the second one is the inside contour of the hole. I want to combine these two images and make the inside contour black and obtain a final image having the inside area black.
Is it possible to make the white area transparent and keep the black region as it is and show two image by overlaying ontop of each other
I added the original image and the contour image that I could generate by using image processing and I also add a representative final image that I want to achieve by using image processing.
Can you help me :

Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 11 Aug 2022
idx=find(B(:,:,1)~=0&B(:,:,2)~=0&B(:,:,3)~=0);%find ~black pixels in image B
C(idx)=A(:,:,idx);%set ~black pixels to image A pixels
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burcu bilgic
burcu bilgic on 14 Aug 2022
Thank you so much !! it worked like a charm :)

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