Plot multiple variables with stackedplot with data for the x-axis?

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I am using the stackedplot function to plot multiple variables onto the same y-axis.
The code looks like this:
stp = stackedplot(table,vars);
The variable table is a table where each column is one of the variables I want to plot. Vars is a cell array containing the table column names. So this code works for me, but I want the x-axis to be a time axis (I have a vector with the time values). Right now the x-axis is the number of the row in table.
How can I change the x-axis to have my time values?

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Selim Öngüdü
Selim Öngüdü on 15 Aug 2022
I figured it out. The variable that you want to be the data for the x-axis, has to be a column of the table input. Than the value for "XVariable" is the number of the correct column.
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dpb on 15 Aug 2022
"The variable that you want to be the data for the x-axis, has to be a column of the table input."
Oh. Yes. I had thought that was self-evident since the table object is the first argument.
But, the 'XVariable' argument can be specified as either the column number, name as string/cellstr/char vector, or a logical addressing vector with the appropriate true element set, it doesn't have to be just the numeric column number.

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dpb on 12 Aug 2022
From the doc, about the third input syntax description is
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Aug 2022
The syntax dpd recommended is for table syntax only.
'xvar' could be a string or index indicating a column in a table.
stackedplot is designed to compare multiple Ys against 1 X. If you want to use multiple X's then I recommend using nx1 tiledlayout with TileSpacing = none.
There's stackedaxes on the File Exchange, too.

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