Simulink does not work properly

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Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan on 13 Aug 2022
Commented: Sakura Chan on 14 Aug 2022
Hi, I am trying to complete the Simulink Onramp course on my MacBook Pro. I am using the latest version of MATLAB R2022a.
However, the Simulink environment is extremely slow and buggy (although MATLAB works absolutely fine). I identified 3 problems:
  1. When I load the Simulink environment, only parts of it load. Sometimes the "Training-Tasks" bit on the left won't show up, sometimes the top part with the "simulation", "debug", etc. buttons won't even show up.
  2. Another problem I am facing is that some buttons don't work most of the times. I try clicking the submit button, but all it does it turn white. The "Training-Assessment" bit on the right shows that the signal was correct, but I can't move to the next assignment as if Simulink just crashed. I have attached a picture that shows this situation. In addition, sometimes clicking on the "debug", "modeling", etc. buttons on the top won't do anything.
  3. Another problem I am facing is that it takes Simulink about 5 seconds every time to load search results from the quick insert. Why does the quick insert take so much time to load?
I would like some advice on how to fix this issue. The problems 1-3 happen on the Onramp course, and problem 3 happens even in regular Simulink.
Thank you in advance.
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan on 14 Aug 2022
MATLAB and Simulink Online work perfectly fine.

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Ignas Laude
Ignas Laude on 13 Aug 2022
Technical issue




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