Fit chi distribution to measurement data

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Good Morning,
I would like to fit a chi distribution (not chi-squared!) with 6 degrees of freedom to my measurement data. Unfortunately, the chi distribution does not seem to be implemented in the Matlab function fitdist, and the only possibility I found was described in:
Although there is an example for a Laplace distribution on how to define a custom distribution, I'm not sure which lines of code to change, in order to define my chi distribution properly. Could someone perhaps help me out here?
Thank you very much!
BTW: I found out, that the Nakagami distribution supported by fitdist is similar to a chi distribution, but I really need to use a chi distribution and not a Nakagami one!

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 16 Aug 2022
Square your measurement data, and you can fit them against a chi-squared distribution.
Torsten on 19 Aug 2022
Oh, then you will also have to do some statistical test(s), don't you ?

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