Transparency violation error. See Workspace Transparency in MATLAB Statements.

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When I execute the below code I get the title error. Can someone explain the error and how to fix it?
N = 2:2:4;
parfor j = 1:length(N)
x = (6.2831853071795865/N(j))*(0:N(j)-1)'; FIM1 = 2*x;

Accepted Answer

Mandar on 19 Aug 2022
The use of "save" function inside a parfor is not supported because in general MATLAB cannot determine which variables from the workspace, hence, it shows a 'Transperency violation error'. The possible workaround is to move the call to the "save" function in a separate used defined function and make a call to it from 'parfor' loop. Pass any variables that are to be saved as arguments to the function. That way MATLAB can determine which ones will be saved and transparency is not violated.
For example, create a used defined function "parsave.m" ans save on the same path.
function parsave(fname, x)
save(fname, 'x')
Then, execute the following code.
N = 2:2:4;
parfor j = 1:length(N)
x = (6.2831853071795865/N(j))*(0:N(j)-1)'
FIM1 = 2*x
% save(sprintf('FIM1_%d.mat',N(j)),'FIM1');

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