Use pointers in simulink

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Macylia HAMIDOUCHE on 17 Aug 2022
Answered: Muthukumar Ganesan on 20 Aug 2022
I would like to model on Simulink the code in C below, but as you see a pointer is used, this function modifies the value of the memory address, how can I model that, knowing that behind the goal is to regenerate a code using embedded coding?
void ModifyValue(uint16 Arg1, uint16 *Arg2)
*Arg2= 5;
return (void);

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Muthukumar Ganesan
Muthukumar Ganesan on 20 Aug 2022
You can perform this using following method.
  1. Create a Simulink function with input and output arguments
  2. Right click the block and navigate to C/C++ code --> C/C++ Function Interface
  3. Configure C/C++ Return Argument to Void, which modifies all the output arguments defined in simulink function to pointer
Please refer to this sample model if not clear


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