Superclass contains a parse error

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LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
Edited: LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
For one month now, I have been having the following error when launching a code (any code containing "readtable" command) right after booting up Matlab.
The workaround I found is to do
and then reset my own path again.
I cannot find the conflicting function in my path, is there a way to find it, or any remnant solution?
Thank you for your help
PS: as I work on several computer (from my desktop in the lab, from home, my laptop etc.), I have saved my path on Dropbox and then I have added it in the path. Matlab on Windows seems to save my personal path, but on Linux Ubuntu (21.04LTS), it seems I need to set my path each time I launch Matlab. Would this be related to my initial question? Would there be a way to save my path once for good on Linux? Thank you!
LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
Edited: LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
I have been doing this for a while (sharing code between Mac, Linux, and Windows, using "pathsep" command to genericly write the paths of my files in scripts) and never had this issue of parse error so far... I wonder if the issue is not causes by the fact that I also installed R2022a on Windows and came back to R2021b because of the fitting tool cftool that has changed (they removed the manual selection of data exclusion in the fit, which was quite handy I must say).

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