i dont understand the matlab fucntion any help ?please

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dpb on 19 Aug 2022
Going to have to be more explicit than that, I'm afraid?
What, specific application of any is in question?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 Aug 2022
You need to double click that "MATLAB Function" block. It will open in an Editor. There will be MATLAB code in that function. Most likely, it won't be too fancy, just a single-input and single-output function. The input is Clock, which means the simulation time, the output is likely a curve depending on the time.
dpb on 20 Aug 2022
Oh. OK, somebody (or you :) ) supplied a functional form from which to generate a pulse --
It looks like only two terms were/are used in the summation so you can just write them out directly as the two terms -- writing a subfunction for the expression would let you not have to duplicate all the code.
I don't know enough about the subject to know what MSS_SUB and MCS_SUB would be, nor about the initial stroke given the title of Table 5 being for "Subsequent" strokes -- but maybe that's the use of "subsequent" to mean two or more and the first is the initial, I don't know and there's insufficient context to know. You'd have to consult the reference to understand fully how to apply it.
So, give it a shot at translating the mathematical equations to MATLAB code -- "nothing venture, nothing gained!" and learning by doing is generally the best route to gaining proficiency over just being handed a solution.
Post your attempts and ask specific questions where get stuck...

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