Delete rows in struct based on number of elements in field

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I have a 1x68 struct with 7 fields - Scouts. I want to delete rows where the number of elements under a field 'Vertices' is less than 20. How do I do this? I tried;
Scouts.Vertices(numel(Scouts.Vertices<20)) = []
but got Error using < Too many input arguments.
I would prefer not to run a loop.
Also tried this but comes back as rows = []
[rows,~] = find(numel(Scouts.Vertices)>10);

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 22 Aug 2022
If you mean you want to remove elements from your struct, you're fairly close already. Scouts.Vertices returns a comma separated list. You need to feed that to a function that will capture the output.
You could do this:
ind = find(tmp>10);
But using a loop would be much simpler.
You could also use structfun, but that would only hide the loop and increase complexity as well.
Rik on 22 Aug 2022
I may have been thinking of arrayfun. I don't believe I have used either of them recently. I don't think I have ever used arrayfun, other than in proving it's slower than a loop. But thank you for the correction.

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